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The caller was able to manipulate the couple into breaking their window with the tank lid from their toilet.

On April 30, a Pranknet member named "Rollin in the A" called Prejean's Restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana posing as an official from the health department.

This target was selected because the restaurant provided live video streaming of its dining area on their own website.

On June 6, 2009, a prank was made on a Holiday Inn Express in Conway, Arkansas.

The caller posed as a representative from the company that installed the hotel’s fire sprinkler and claimed the system needed to be reset by pulling the fire alarm.

Once the alarm was turned on, the clerk was told that the sprinklers would activate unless windows were broken.

The victim at this restaurant was told that Prejean’s pork was tainted with the swine flu.

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The guest was then told there was a doctor on site and a simple urine test could determine if the guest was infected.Beginning in 2009, members chatted before, during, and after each prank via Beyluxe Messenger, which is owned and operated outside North America.Audiences range from 40 to 200 people at any given time.Pranknet members can listen in real-time and discuss the progress together in a private chat room.After Skype began an internal investigation, Pranknet left Skype and briefly used Paltalk for its chats.Also in July, a Pranknet caller informed two hotel guests that deadly spiders were about to infest their room.