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Dating men with vasectomies

A quick visit to our vasectomy pictures section (NSFW) will demonstrate how hard it can be to see a fully healed vasectomy scar.

This means that simply looking for a scar is not a reliable way to verify if a man has had a vasectomy.

Many people don’t realize that doctors use several different methods to perform vasectomies.

These incisions are small, and their position will vary depending on the doctor performing the procedure.

The scars caused by this type of operation are probably the easiest to spot of all the different vasectomy methods, but over time the scars will fade and become more difficult to see.

Further complicating things is that fact that a man’s scrotal skin is wrinkly and often covered with hair.

These varying techniques leave scars in different locations, and the scars can be more or less noticeable depending on the method.

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Since the scars left by this type of vasectomy fall on the scrotum’s central ridge, they are practically invisible once healed.In reality, finding physical proof of a vasectomy is extremely difficult.This article discusses the changes that a man experiences (or doesn’t experience) after a vasectomy, but the bottom line is that the only way to tell if a man has had a vasectomy is with a sperm count performed by a qualified lab.It can take up to three months for sperm to be 100 percent eliminated, but for men who just can’t wait, an ejaculate test can determine if their system is cleared sooner.“There’s a spike in single guys” who get the procedure in spring and early summer, said Dr. “They don’t want to be in the situation of being accused of fathering an unwanted baby,” said Dr. “That’s their fear — being told you’re paying for this kid until it’s [an adult].” “This extortion happens all the time. [They get pregnant and] want a ransom payment,” said Shusterman.Even under ideal examination conditions it can be very difficult to locate a man’s vasectomy scar, which means spotting evidence of a vasectomy can be nearly impossible during normal couple interactions.